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      <p pageid="4954" ns="0" title="B.01 Privacybeleid" />
      <p pageid="4956" ns="0" title="B.03 Risicomanagement Privacy by Design en de GEB" />
      <p pageid="4270" ns="0" title="BAG/BAG viewer" />
      <p pageid="4273" ns="0" title="BAG/Compact eenmalig of abonnement" />
      <p pageid="4274" ns="0" title="BAG/Digilevering" />
      <p pageid="4275" ns="0" title="BAG/Extract" />
      <p pageid="4276" ns="0" title="BAG/Extract mutaties" />
      <p pageid="4278" ns="0" title="BAG/Geocodeerservice" />
      <p pageid="4277" ns="0" title="BAG/WMS-WFS via PDOK" />
      <p pageid="4279" ns="0" title="BAG/bevragen" />
    <allpages apfrom="BAG (Basisadministraties Adressen en Gebouwen)" />