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Why a community around software for data on the Web?

The availability of adequate software is an important precondition for creating added value for data on the Web. Software gets better if you collaborate. The community therefore not only focuses on software development, but also brings together user groups and working to increase the openness of software.

What is the Software for data on the Web community

The software for data on the web community is an open collaboration platform for individuals and organizations, government organizations and corporations. The primary focus of the community is the creation of software, sharing knowledge and the development of best practices. The community is closely linked to the ‘Platform Linked Data Nederland’ (PLDN).

We also make use of the collaboration space and the experiment/demonstration environment of the PLDN,


Community meetings and board meetings (in Dutch):

Software overview

Software explanation publication on Github website Chief committer Adopting organization
Linked Data Reactor a framework for the development of flexible and reusable user interface components for Linked Data applications. Ali Khalili
Linked Data Theatre a platform for publication and presentation of Linked Data Marco Brattinga Ordina
YASGUI Yet Another Sparql GUI, an interface for SPARQL queries Laurens Rietveld Triply


More information

Related websites with information about the publication of data on the web:

W3C Data on the Web Best Practices working group
Platform Linked Data Nederland
BP4mc2 Best Practices for meaningfull connected computing

Projects working on publishing data on the Web:

Stelselcatalogus Basisregistraties
Stelselcatalogus Omgevingswet
PDOK Data, Linked Open Geodata voor iedereen
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Related topics within NORANederlandse Overheid Referentie Architectuur:

Nationaal Semantisch Vlak
API (in progress)
Community members
Ali Khalili (VU)
Gerald Groot Roessink (DUO)
Marcel Reuvers (Geonovum)
Pieter van Everdingen (PLDN)
Kristian Mul (Logius)
Lars Wortel (Capgemini)
Wessel Schollmeijer (Ordina)
Jan Willem van Veen (DUO)
John van Echtelt (CGI)
Community board
Arjen Santema (Kadaster, trekker)
Eric Brouwer (ICTU)
Wouter Beek (Triply/VU)
Marco Brattinga (Ordina)


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