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EIDAS 2 impact Evaluation

These IAM pages are all about Access based on Identity and the management off the access to public services

EIDAS 2.0 is breder. Publiek en privaat Toegang en levering attestations door publieke partijen.

EIDAS 2.0 gaat over het verplicht aanbieden (dus Access geven, indien juiste id en attestations/credentials artikel 6) tot publieke diensten aan EU burgers en bedrijven die een gecertificeerde EU wallet gebruiken.

De andere kant van het verhaal is dat de publieke partijen als leverancier van attestations kunnen worden gezien. BZK zal minstens 1 eWallet leveren.


The evaluation of the eIDAS Regulation 2 revealed that the current Regulation falls short of addressing these new market demands, mostly due to its inherent limitations to the public sector, the limited possibilities and the complexity for online private providers to connect to the system, its insufficient availability of notified eID solutions in all Member States and its lack of flexibility to support a variety of use cases. Furthermore, identity solutions falling outside the scope of eIDAS, such as those offered by social media providers and financial institutions, raise privacy and data protection concerns. They cannot effectively respond to new market demands and lack the cross border outreach to address specific sectoral needs where identification is sensitive and requires a high degree of certainty.

By offering a European Digital Identity framework based on the revision of the current one, at least 80% of citizens should be able to use a digital ID solution to access key public services by 2030. Furthermore, the security and control offered by the European Digital Identity framework should give citizens and residents full confidence that the European Digital Identity framework will offer everyone the means to control who has access to their digital twin and to which data exactly. This will also require a high level of security with respect to all aspects of digital identity provisioning, including the issuing of a European Digital Identity Wallet, and the infrastructure for the collection, storage and disclosure of digital identity data.

Zie ook https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A52021PC0281