'Mastering Alliances' published, a whitepaper on cross-organizational collaboration

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Key illustration in Mastering Alliances. Original: The ‘Allegory for good and bad governance’, Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1338). This painting had the purpose of a mirror for monarchs in the Middle Ages to remind them of the virtues they must practice to make courageous, thoughtful, balanced and fair decisions, thereby, ensuring good governance. A mirror which can still be interesting for board members in our time..

'Mastering Alliances' published, a whitepaper on cross-organizational collaboration[bewerken]

donderdag 23 augustus 2018 - The new publication 'Mastering Alliances' seeks to provide alliance management tools to managers and other professionals involved in the development and operation of cross-organizational collaboration.

This white paper is a translation of the Dutch publication 'Ketens de Baas' and was based on the 10+ years of experience the authors have in the Dutch alliance for data and tax on wages. The alliance won the ASAP Individual Alliance Excellence Award in 2017 and has been called 'the financial and data aorta of the Netherlands' because it is responsible for 60% of all revenues for the Dutch Internal Revenue Service.

Schematic of the eight pillars of alliance management, two each in four dimensions: Cultural dimension: 1 Mindset focused on alliance collaboration, 2 Objective bound playing field. Relational dimension: 3 Trust between alliance partners, 4 Dialogue between alliance partners. Procedural dimension: 5 an overarching organizational alliance structure, 6 Transparancy about results. Content dimension: 7 Knowledge about the alliance, 8 An inspiring alliance objective.
Eight pillars of alliance management as listed in Mastering alliances

Downloads and hard-copy available now

The publication is now available free of charge for all interested parties:

Download Mastering Alliances (PDF, 7,6 MB).
Download ePUB version Mastering Alliances

A hard-copy version is also available, a postal or shipping fee may be charged if applicable.

Request your copy in print (mail to Erik Ruiterman, NORA contact Alliance Management)

Eight pillars of alliance management

The focus of the publication is not the technical challenges of cross-organizational information exchange, but rather the entire set of basic requirements to manage alliances across the board: the 'pillars' of alliance management. The publication lists eight such pillars, two each among four dimensions:

  1. Mindset focused on alliance collaboration (Cultural dimension),
  2. Objective bound playing field (Cultural dimension),
  3. Trust between alliance partners (Relational dimension),
  4. Dialogue between alliance partners (Relational dimension),
  5. an overarching organizational alliance structure (Procedural dimension),
  6. Transparancy about results (Procedural dimension),
  7. Knowledge about the alliance (Content dimension),
  8. An inspiring alliance objective (Content dimension).

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